Build Better Gaming Products and Experiences with Web3 Identities

The gg.iD Solution

gg.iD is a suite of gamer identity tools that provide quick and easy Web3 transformation capabilities to game studios to harness untapped value, data and monetization of their brand across the digital and physical worlds

Build and innovate with gg.iD’s automated on-chain Player Identity Applications and Player Evolution Engine

Player Identity Applications

Power up your game brand with Web3 tokens

gg.iD’s identity token captures action-based data of a players evolution across your entire gaming brand to unlock new opportunities for value monetization.

Players (and game owners) can create a unique “record of skills” with NFT snapshots called SKT (Skills Token). These are fully transferable on-chain, granting Skills and game inventory to other players

Player Evolution Engine

An enterprise-grade Web3 product

Capture, leverage and transfer digital data, assets and identities

gg.iD’s Player Evolution Engine uses a gaming brand’s existing data with robust API integrations. Any new database can be connected for expansive models like loyalty, reputation scores and even off-line events.

Hybrid on/off chain technology uses advanced multi-chain smart contracts deployed on the most popular chains, allowing blockchain interoperability, mutable metadata and secure value transferring.

Features Overview

SKT (Skills Token) Use Cases

Monetize gaming Skills to the max on-chain

“Imagine being able to rent Skills to access and train against the highest level character in the entire game!”

Even the model of gaming orgs like clans, guilds & Esports teams can now be reimagined through the granting of in-game progress (Skills) or creating Skill-based services!

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